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GAX stands for "Gateway to Asia eXpert". We specialize in helping overseas (B2C and B2B) companies enter and expand their business in Asia, particularly in Greater China.
GAX is a fully owned subsidiary of Datatrade Ltd, a direct marketing pioneer founded in Hong Kong in 1983.

In case you wonder, GAX stands for "Gateway to Asia eXpert". We specialize in helping overseas (B2C and B2B) companies enter and expand their business in Asia, particularly in Greater China. We have been doing so since the late 90’s and our clients are from different corners of the world – US, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Our mission is to take care of everything necessary in helping our clients enter, market and operate in the local markets. Simply put, to enter a new market, it is all about getting new customers and retaining them over time. On new customer acquisition, we have been expanding these capabilities since the inception of our parent company Datatrade in 1983. On existing customer retention and cultivation, we also have proven track records in helping major brands from Burberry to Estee Lauder to Friso through our sister CRM arm (officially spun off as Clix in 2013) for over a decade.

Since our overseas clients literally outsource their Asian operation to us, our scope of support can be very broad. If you'd like to learn more about what exactly we do, please click on the links below.

Lilian Salenius

Lilian is the Founder and Chairman of Datatrade & GAX. She has over 30 years of experience in direct marketing where she is acknowledged as an early pioneer in the direct marketing industry in Hong Kong. She embodies the role of leading company’s direction, strategic planning and business development. Under Lilian’s management and unquestionable leadership, Datatrade grew constantly in the past few decades and became one of the leading direct marketing agencies in Hong Kong.

Lilian also served years ago in US DMA International Advisory Board and Member of HKDMA, HKIM and WBOC.

In the way that Lilian spends her time away from work, she is a keen golf player and a classical music lover. She travels to Vienna every year to fulfill the passion for Orchestra programmes.

King Leung
Executive Director

King spent the first decade of his career in the US – where he developed very diverse skillsets from engineering to management consulting to venture capital. During his consulting days with KPMG Consulting and Booz Allen Hamilton, King was very privileged to contribute to many transformative changes – modernization of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), technology commercialization at National Security Agency (NSA), major technology investment at Caterpillar, modernization of risk management at Barclays in UK, supply chain modernization at Canon, B2B ecommerce at Johnson & Johnson, technology venture fund co-managed by Booz and Lehman Brothers, ... etc.

During the second decade of his career in Greater China, King was instrumental in transforming Datatrade (parent of GAX) from a traditional direct marketing agency in Hong Kong to a technology and data intelligence driven marketing company with presence in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Manila. Under King’s leadership, Datatrade was voted as Direct Marketing Agency of the Year by Marketing Magazine (Local Hero and overall Silver awards in 2012, and Local Hero and overall Bronze in 2011). Datatrade was also named one of Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies by Mediazone Magazine.

Being recognized as a thought leader in CRM and entrepreneurship, King was frequently invited to speak at media, universities, business conferences, etc. And King was inducted into Stanford Who’s Who for his achievements in marketing industry in 2011.

His well-rounded background in consulting, marketing, technology and consumer intelligence in both East and West uniquely positions King as a valuable advisor to overseas’ companies that have the ambition to enter and expand in the fast growing Asian, esp. Greater China, markets.

King graduated with MBA in Finance and Strategy (Honors) at University of Chicago, and BSc in Mechanical Engineering (Honors) at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

During his leisure time, King enjoys playing golf, basketball, badminton, etc. among other sports with his family.

Monica Chan
Executive Director

Monica joined us in the late 80s, since then she has been taken an instrumental role on implementing strategic decisions and tactics to execution of major initiatives with extensive experience in all facets of direct marketing discipline. Monica is a proven business leader and has outstanding ability on clients’ relationship management. Moreover, her expertise spans across on helping US and European clients to establish, expand and manage their businesses in Asia with successful business model.

Monica is affiliated with various industry associations such as Board of Directors of HKDMA - SME Mentor - Mentorship Programme by Trade & Industry Department, Member of the DMA, Member of HKCCA, China DMA, HKIM and industry mentorship programmes.

Ronica Chu
General Manager

As General Manager, Ronica supports Datatrade’s effort in managing overall project logistics, client management, operational efficiencies, staffing optimization, profitable growth, service level control and management. She has been working in the company for more than 11 years and manages a range of Gateway to Asia projects for clients of multinational companies in USA, Europe and Asia such as electronic component distributor and employee recognition solutions provider.

Her key expertise lies in handling integrated accounts — including fulfillment, purchasing, data entry, customer service, direct marketing, financial publications composition and CRM. With Ronica’s experienced management skills, professional attitude, detailed and dedicated attention to all clients, our work always get recognized with compliments from different clients!

Winnie Yung
Project Director

Winnie has been with Datatrade for more than 17 years. In 1995, she joined Datatrade as a Secretary. In 2000, she was involved in Sales & Marketing and helped to build-up the Project Management department in 2004. She takes an integral part ever since for developing the Gateway to Asia business. In 2013, she has been promoted to Project Director with her key responsibilities is overseeing project management, data printing and lettershopping divisions.

With the mission to support client business and growth in Greater China, Winnie works with the teams and partners to leverage the best talent and innovation for providing the best services with beneficial outcome to each client.

Raymond Lui
Senior Project Management

Raymond has been with us for more than 5 years. He is detail-oriented, skilful and extremely familiar with the operation. He always shows dedication to work, delivers timely coordination and supervision of clients projects entrusted to us. His responsible and client-first attitude is always present on his working performance.

What’s more, he speaks fluent Japanese and is a huge photography lover!

Jennifer Suen
Project Management

Jennifer started her first project in the company in serving a well-known health and beauty retailer in Hong Kong. She acts as a primary point-of-contact of the clients that she coordinates amongst clients’ project. She is energetic, fun to work with and very passionate to her work too!

In addition, Jennifer is engaged in singing performances with outstanding awards. She is also an animal lover with one parrot, one kitten and two snakes!

Dorothy Cheung
Project Management

With the background in Marketing and Public Relations, Dorothy brings in marketing perspective to work in the company and always puts clients in the first place. She is responsible, enthusiastic and her excellent project management skill is undeniable.

Dorothy likes travelling a lot that she travelled to Denmark for 8 days to fulfill a passion to explore why it is the happiest country in the world!

Sheila Chan
Sales and Marketing

Enthusiastic about her work, Sheila aims to strive for excellence and always puts client in the first place. With a good understanding on every client’s requirements, her passion and unquestionable skill set enables her to deliver workable and realistic marketing solutions to the clients.

In her spare time, Sheila enjoys music where she has won piano awards as well as being the flute lover.


Gene joined Datatrade in 2013 as Chairman (Non-executive).

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